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Solve your expanding server infrastructure requirements with a cost effective and future proof virtualisation installation with VMWare and Telefonix

The VMWare Server

There are many good reasons for a small or medium business to consider moving over to virtualisation and a VMWare server network. Server consolidation, outgrowing your servers, disaster recovery, Simpler server deployment, the use of multiple operating systems, increased server efficiency and smaller energy bills are just some of the advantages that come to mind. Read more to see the experiences of Telefonix Voice and Data, a VMWare partner based in Camberley Surrey.

What is Virtualisation?

As a company grows and accumulates different servers over its network, there comes a time when server rationalisation and future requirement planning become inevitable. With recent improvements in virtualisation technology, VMWare server virtualisation is now a sensible option for the forward-looking IT administrator planning for the future.

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